Doppelmayr Service Team responds quickly to Steamboat emergency!

Doppelmayr USA Service Team members with assistance from the Engineering office at Doppelmayr St-Jerome and USA Sales mobilized quickly in response to an unfortunate failure of the input shaft on a new gearbox at the Steamboat Resort Gondola. Quick situational evaluation led to an emergency build and shipment of a 4500 lb high speed input section from Germany.

Extensive and creative rigging was necessary to remove the nearly 8T gearbox assembly from its mount and relocate it to allow further removal and replacement of the high speed input section. The completed assembly was then moved back into position, a borescope inspection of the planetary section performed by specialists from ZF of Witten, Germany and 132 gallons of new oil installed.  3 in-line electric motors were relocated backward along the drive frame to allow for installation of a drive line modification. The entire assembly was realigned, checked via vibration analysis, and balanced as required by specialists from Denver, CO.

The reassembled components were operated and tested in compliance with the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board requirements before the installation was reopened to public operation. 

From initial failure until completion of testing, the entire operation including design changes and deliveries from Germany, Salt Lake City, and St-Jerome took 10 days.

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