Hydraulics and valves

Hydraulics and valves


This course is suitable for the operating and maintenance staff of all types of ropeway installation. Basic knowledge is conveyed which is required for the course “HD Drives and hydraulics for advanced participants”.



Course Content


- What is hydraulics?

  The physical basis for hydraulics, hydrodynamics, transmission of forces, flow laws, flow of liquids

- Hydraulic system components 1

  Pumps, motors, cylinders

- Hydraulic system components 2

  Pressure valves, directional valves, flow valves

- Hydraulic accessories

- Symbols as specified in DIN ISO 1219

- Basic hydraulic circuits

  Function, design, systematic troubleshooting

Additional Information

Training Code HY
Country Austria
State Vorarlberg
City Wolfurt
Language English
Start Date On request 8:30am - 5:00pm
Stuff to bring No special equipment
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Hydraulics and valves Hydraulics and valves Hydraulics and valves