Bullwheel care and practical workshop

Bullwheel care and practical workshop


This course is directed to all operation and maintenance personnel. We will look at types and arrangements of bullwheel bearing, failures, and indications of wear. This class will motivate everyone with things to think about, and look for while performing this year’s maintenance. We will discuss bullwheel NDT testing and inspections, including service bulletins, techniques, best practices, and recent findings.




Course Content

- Greasing procedure
- Inspections / Manuals and Bulletins
- Alignments / Adjustments
- Wear & tear
- Preventive maintenance
- Signs of deterioration of the bearing  assemblies
- Improvements / updates

Additional Information

Training Code BW
Country Canada
State Québec
City St-Jérome
Language English
Start Date 2020-08-27 08:00:00
Stuff to bring Work clothes and work gloves
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Bullwheel care and practical workshop