Mechanical Course: Ropeways with DT Grips - EN

Mechanical Course: Ropeways with DT Grips - EN


This course provides basic knowledge for the operation and maintenance of detachable ropeway installations with DT grips. It is directed at operation and maintenance personnel. Course content includes fundamentals, function, wear reduction, maintenance tips and experience.

The course can be combined with the HD Advanced Course in Drives and Hydraulics that takes place immediately before it.



Course Content

Course Content – Part 1: Line equipment

Sheave assemblies, line structures, rope, interaction of the assembly groups


Course Content – Part 2: Carriers with DT grips

DT grip, practical exercises, chairs, hangers, cabins


Course Content – Part 3: Station equipment for installations with DT grips

Operation sequence in the stations, opening and closing line for DT grips, tire conveyors, safety devices, grip force tester, anti-collision system, carrier spacing, opening and closing of carrier doors, bubbles and restraining bars

Additional Information

Training Code DT35
Country Austria
State Vorarlberg
City Dornbirn
Language EN
Start Date 2024-08-28 13:15:00
Stuff to bring Work clothes and safety shoes
Contact Person
Mechanical Course: Ropeways with DT Grips - EN